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BG06RDNP001-19.494 - Measure 21 "Conservation and Promotion of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage on the territory of the Tutrakan - Slivo Pole LAG

The measure has the following objective:

-Raising awareness of the population about the wealth of the local cultural-historical and natural heritage;

-Inclusion of indigenous peoples in initiatives in studying and preserving the cultural heritage and natural resources/resources.

-Promotion of cultural-historical and natural heritage by organizing various events in support of the development of local tourism;

The measure is designed to contribute to the implementation of the priority area 6 in 2 of the RDP and addressed specific objectives of VOMR for RDP/EAFRD – development of territorial identity, marketing and brands based on the specific territorial potential and local products character.

-Raising awareness of the population about the wealth of the local cultural-historical and natural heritage;

-implemented 10 of the number of initiatives for the local cultural heritage;

-realized 5 initiatives to protect the natural heritage;

-holding the 5 pieces organized demonstration events/art events/festivals/exhibitions;

-included 100 of the number of participants in project activities/women, youth, vulnerable groups, Roma/;

Through the measure will encourage 5 pieces organized civic groups active on the protection and promotion of the natural and cultural-historical heritage of the area;

Through the implementation of these proposals will provide 1500 people vacation in organized demonstration events/art festivals/events/exhibitions.

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Втори прием: Ще бъде обявен при остатъчен финансов ресурс след провеждане на Първи прием

Deadline: 14.06.2021 17:00

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The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021