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BG06RDNP001-19.470 - Local action group LAG Dobrichka, submeasure 19.2-4.2 Investments in processing/marketing of agricultural products

A substantial part of the agricultural production produced on the territory of Dobrichka LAG is marketed as a raw material. Using the potential of fertile Dobrudja land and obtaining more products from it, to be sold not only as a raw material but as a ready meal, makes the support of the food processing industry expedient and should therefore be supported by the Strategy for CLLD . Businesses from the territory of Dobrichka LAG may derive many benefits for its development from the so-called "short supply chains".

Application time limits

Start: 12.09.2022 00:01

Deadline: 23.10.2022 17:00

Additional information on deadline

Бюджет на приема: 226 071,24лв. При наличие на остатъчен ресурс ще бъде обявен четвърти прием за подаване на проектни предложения, който ще стартира на 01.03.2023г. с краен срок за кандидатстване 17:00 часа на 10.04.2023г..

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The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021