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BG06RDNP001-19.576 - LAG municipalities Elena and Zlataritsa sub-measures 4.2. "Investment in processing / marketing of agricultural products"

Sub-measure 4.2. "Investment in processing / marketing of agricultural products" aims to improve the overall activity, economic efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises in the food processing industry by:

1. better use of production factors;

2. introduction of new products, processes and technologies, including short supply chains;

3. improving the quality and safety of food and its traceability;

4. achieving compliance with European Union (EU) standards;

5. improving the protection of the environment.

Application time limits

Start: 23.08.2023 00:00

Deadline: 07.11.2023 17:00

Additional information on deadline

Първи прием от 12.04.2022 г. до 17,00 ч. на 14.06.2022 г. Втори прием от 25.08.2022 г. до 17,00 ч. на 31.10.2022 г. Трети прием от 20.12.2022 г. до 17,00 ч. на 04.04.2023 г. Четвърти прием от 23.08.2023 г. до 17,00 ч. на 07.11.2023 г. Следващ прием - при наличие на остатъчни средства през 2024 г. съгласно ИГРП

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The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021