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Dear UMIS 2020 users,

UMIS 2020 has been upgraded with the following:

- In the E-application module, applicants are provided access to the comments and clarification requests, sent by them about procedures, announced for public discussion or for application. A new tab “My questions and comments” has been created in the applicant's profile, which contains two sections – “My comments/suggestions regarding public discussion" and “My requests for clarifications”. They store the submitted comments and requests for clarification, visualizing them with registration number, date of submission, status, comment from the MA/LAG and the date of its publication;

- In the E-application module, in the “Indicators” section of the application form, the allowed maximum count of characters in the “Source of information” field has been increased from 1 000 to 5 000;

- In the E-Reporting module a change is implemented and when there is a returned for correction to the beneficiary Request for amendment/change, the answer deadline is not a mandatory field any more. In case the answer deadline is already expired, as it is not mandatory, the version remains as a draft and allows editing and returning answer by the beneficiary;

- In the E-Reporting module, the Financial report is now upgraded with the possibility of automated entering of information about the expenditure documents in the “Documents – description” section of Financial report for the beneficiaries of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, as the template of the documents from predefined file (Excel file) is updated, complying with the current information structure, required for investments reporting in the system. The described functionality aims to facilitate the work with the system ant to optimize the work process;

- In the E-Reporting module, section “Contract", when a Request for amendment/ change is created, the system allows the beneficiary to make corrections in the "E - declarations" section as well;

We hope that the described changes will contribute to your user experience and will facilitate your work with the system.

Best regards,

UMIS 2020 Team

Status: expired

Date of publication: 09.12.2022

Valid until: 23.12.2022

Author: UMIS 2020 Team

The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021