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New version of UMIS 2020


Dear UMIS 2020 users,

UMIS 2020 has been upgraded with the following:

- In the E-application module, when creating an application form, in order to optimize the process of completing the form, the error notifications, indicated when performing a check of the information, are now hyperlinks, leading to the exact error or the section, where the error is localized. In case the same mistake is made for more than a single element, then it is indicated as many times as it occurs in the application form and each of the error notifications is a link to the related to the error field/section;

- In the “E-Reporting” module, when creating a batch of reporting documents, in the Payment Request, section 1 “General Information”, field “Other Registration” now there is a restriction that does not allow entering information exceeding 200 symbols.

Best regards,

UMIS 2020 Team

Status: expired

Date of publication: 12.04.2022

Valid until: 19.04.2022

Author: UMIS 2020 Team

The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021