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Dear UMIS 2020 users,

UMIS 2020 has been upgraded with the following:

- The E-reporting module is now updated and when performing a check of the information, entered in the Technical report, Financial report, Payment request or in the versions of the contractor selection procedures and signed contracts, the system indicates a list, which consists of all current errors. When the beneficiary chooses an error notification from the list, the system automatically leads them to the exact field, where there is inaccuracy, which needs to be fixed;

- In order to optimize the work process of the users of the system and to reduce the workload of the used computer configuration while processing a large amount of information in the Technical report, section “Team” and in the Financial report, section “Documents – description”, the information will be visualized in several pages, if there are more than 50 elements, entered in these sections. It will also be possible to load all entered data;

- When creating new communication in the E-reporting module, section “Correspondence”, the opportunity to choose a specific communication theme, which was initially predefined, is now available. In case there is no theme entered at a procedure level, the system will keep its original operational behavior and the beneficiary has to enter the communication theme manually. In addition, in the section mentioned above it is created the opportunity to send/ receive an answer to a received/ sent to the Managing Authority (MA) message;

- When adding files to the Technical report, Financial report, Payment request, versions of the contractor selection procedures and signed contracts or to a created communication between a candidate/ beneficiary and the Managing Authority, the field “Type of Document” will be visualized, only if there is already any structure of the required documents entered in the system by the MA. The described change aims to optimize the information available on the user screen and to visualize only the fields, which are applicable to fill;

- In the E-application module, section “Project Proposals”, “Communication with MA” it is now possible a message to be marked by the Managing Authority as not requiring an answer from the candidate. In this case, the message does not have a deadline for returning an answer to the MA and the system does not send an automatic e-mail reminder to the candidate;

- When a user changes the access password in the E-reporting and E-application module, an error message can now be visualized, in case the entered password does not meet all the requirements of the system. In addition to that, now it is also added a functionality to review the entered password;

- In the E-reporting module, in the Financial report it is now possible to export the content from sections “Expenditures for the Reporting Period” and ”Sources of Financing” to Excel.

We hope that the described changes will contribute to your user experience and will facilitate your work with the system.

Best regards,

UMIS 2020 Team

Status: expired

Date of publication: 17.03.2022

Valid until: 25.03.2022

Author: UMIS 2020 Team

The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021