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The general objective of the call is to promote enhanced Roma inclusion and empowerment in Bulgaria by supporting the development of sustainable mechanisms for applying effective integrated approaches aimed at improving the status and opportunities in marginalized Roma communities which are linking multiple and complementary interventions in the fields of equal access to social services, education, employment, health, and non discrimination and are based on active Roma community participation and inter-sectoral cooperation between local service institutions.

Specific objectives

1. Increase the access and quality of integrated measures for Roma and other population groups living in compact segregated communities and facing extreme poverty and exclusion in the following sectors: social assistance, education, employment and healthcare. Integrated measures imply a complex approach aimed at improved status at the level of beneficiaries where at the minimum two types of services should be provided to the same person depending on their needs.

2. Empowerment of Roma communities, including Roma women and youth to actively participate in the decisions that affect their development. Empowerment of Roma is considered as the process of expansion of their assets and capabilities both at individual level (skills, knowledge, confidence and increased access to equal opportunities for personal development) and at collective level (ability to organise and mobilise to take joint action for solving community problems) in order to participate in, negotiate with, influence, and hold accountable institutions for the formulation and implementation of policies that affect their lives.

3. Combat all forms of discrimination and antigypsyism against Roma people. All projects supported by the call should promote respect of Roma people’s rights, fight against discrimination, stereotypes and harassment, and will work to raise the awareness of in both the majority and minority communities about respect to ethnic diversity and understanding the benefits of rights based approaches to development

Deadline: 30.09.2021 18:00

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The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021