European shared management funds (2021-2027)

  • Operational programmes
    • "Human resources development" programme 2021 - 2027 (3)
      • BG05SFPR002-1.003 - I START WORK - Component 3 "Employment"
      • BG05SFPR002-5.001 - Technical assistance
    • "Food and Basic Material Support" Programme 2021-2027 (1)
      • BG05SFPR003-2.001 - Тechnical assistance
    • Programme "Environment" 2021-2027 (2)
      • BG16FFPR002-5.001 - „For cleaner air!“
      • BG16FFPR002-5.002 - For cleaner air! (2)
    • Programme "Competitiveness and Innovation in Enterprises" 2021-2027 (1)
      • BG16RFPR001-3.001 - "Providing technical assistance for the successful implementation of the Programme "Competitiveness and innovation in enterprises" for the period 2021-2027."
    • Programme Bulgaria - AMIF (1)
      • BG65AMPR001-1.001 - Procedure №1, Specific objective 1 "Common european asylum system" and specific objective 3 "Return"
    • Programme of the Republic of Bulgaria under Internal Security Fund (1)
      • BG65ISPR001-3.001 - Procedure №1, Specific objective "Improving and facilitating the exchange of information between and within competent authorities and relevant Union bodies, offices and agencies and, where relevant, with trhird countries and international organizations" and Specific objective 2 "Improving and intensifying cross-border cooperation, including joint operations, between competant authorities in relation to terrorism and serious and organised crime with cross border dimension" and Specific objective 3 "Supporting the stregthening of member state's capabilities in relation to preventing and combating crime, terrorism and radicatiosation as well managing security related incidents, risks and crises, including through incresed cooperation between public authorities, relevant unioun bodies, offices or agencies, civil socity and private partners in different member states"
The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021